national society of the
Friends of the trees
Aims & Objects

To inculcate love of trees and plant life in general among the people.

To create an enlightened public opinion for promoting the setting up and maintenance of more avenues on our highways and for building more parks and gardens in our cities and for growing of suitable trees in all public places to enhance the beauty of our landscape both rural and urban; and for preserving and extending our forests now in grave danger due to various causes.

To organize public lectures, talks to select groups including schools and colleges, film shows, exhibitions on trees and allied subjects.

To hold competitions, flower, vegetable, and fruit shows, national or state conventions and seminars for the furtherance of the objects of the Society.

To plant and protect trees.

To organize publication of suitable literature including periodicals and maintaining library or libraries for the encouragement of such studies.

To undertake special studies of the needs of, and suggesting tree planting schemes for large private institutions, local bodies, community projects, national extension services, etc.

To establish contacts with other organizations having similar objects.

To secure government and public support for activities on the lines mentioned above.

Generally to undertake activities deemed necessary and desirable for the promotion of the objects aforesaid.

To establish branches of the organization in different cities, towns and villages where enough organizational element is available and local membership potentialities exist.

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