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A fellowship of tree lovers seeking to create and foster a tree sense in India

Past Presidents of the National Society of the Friends of the Trees

From its inception to this day, the honorable members who have held the post of President of the National Society of the Friends of the Trees have given generously of their time and resources, to support and enhance the standing of the Society. FOT honours them and records here its appreciation of their valuable contributions.Given below are the dates of their tenures.

Mr B.G. Gade

Mr V.P. Naik

Mr J.J. Bhabha

Mr S.P. Godrej

Dr Pheroza J. Godrej

About The Society

The National Society of the Friends of the Trees is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It was established on 16th August 1957. The objectives of the Society are the Preservation, Protection, Propagation and Plantation of trees for the purpose of maintaining ecological balance in India, particularly in urban areas. It is a Fellowship of tree lovers, devoted to inculcating a tree-sense amongst the people in general and the students in particular. It serves the community with the help of committed volunteers.

One of the major achievements of the Society is the important role it played in impressing upon the Maharashtra State Government the need for the protection and preservation of existing trees and planting new trees in urban areas. As a result, in March 1976, the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act, 1975, was enacted. The Act has helped cities like Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur to be more conscious of greenery. Citizens of Greater Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur have also become more tree-conscious and are keen to save the trees from any kind of damage and also to plant more trees, which naturally absorb harmful pollutants. The National Society of the Friends of the Trees has been consistently propagating the cause of the environment, which has now become a National and an International Movement. Other states in India have also followed suit.


The membership of the Society as on 31st March 2020 was as under:

Benefactor (Corporate Bodies) 1
Benefactors (Individual) 2
Permanent Corporate Members 26
Life Members 1385
Ordinary Members 9
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